Test Σταγόνες (titrimetric)

VISOCOLOR® alpha uses colorimetric, as well as titrimetric procedures. Use of multicomponent reagents results in a very convenient, rapid and safe handling, because often only one reagent is needed for each test. The reagent bottles are packed in practical blister packs. The cardboard back is slidden for opening and closing the package, and also provides all information required for the test: instructions for use in 6 languages with pictographs, as well as a color comparison scale for colorimetric evaluations.
  • Ολική σκληρότητα νερού test kit Visocolor Alpha

    Test kit μέτρησης ολικής σκληρότητα νερού MACHEREY-NAGEL, με σταγόνες (titrimetric method), για 100 δείγματα.

    58,28 €
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